Separation Equipment

1.Density Air Separator

Density Air Separator

The VIRA engineering’s Air Classifier incorporates a self-contained fan and rejecter blade classification system. Its internal fan design does not require cyclones, air locks or dedicated baghouse for product collection of particles in the range of 60 to 350 mesh. Completely self-contained, requires no process dust-collection equipment

Powder feeding hopper mounted on the top of machine. Powder feeding tube is mounted co-axially inside the vertical hollow shaft. Hollow shaft is supported by heavy-duty bearing which is fitted in housing. Self-contained unit is consists one or two disc with whizzer blades rotate inside cone. Powder distributor disc is fitted bellow lower whizzer hub. Top chamber consists rotating deflector blades. Whizzer blades, Distributor plates, and Deflector blades are driven by motor and produce the internal air circuit. Bearing housing, outer & inner drum, damper, deflector vanes, Upper & lower whizzer cones and fine & tail cone are fixed on main body.

Centrifugal type closed circuit Air Classifier is to separate dry powder into coarse & fine powder. Powder can be separated are from 60-350 mashes. It removes coarser particles like free iron, their oxides, grit, silica, heavy impurities. Alternatively, it can remove fine/light foreign material as to de-dust a product. Deflector blades produce centrifugal force and air current to separate particles and impurities on weight basis.

Classifier is for getting uniform size of powder at out-let. Any powder is fed in Classifier will separate it into coarse and fine powder. It is not grinding any material. Types of material are classified like Cement, Flour, Chemicals, Pigments, food colors, Minerals, Sand, zinc, phosphors , etc.

2.Water-Air Bubble Separator

Water-Air Bubble Separator

A bubble separator capable of performing efficient bubble separation with a compact and simple structure is provided. The bubble separator includes a centrifugal bubble separating mechanism and an auxiliary bubble separating mechanism.

The centrifugal bubble separating mechanism has a first bubble separator body in which a first fluid and air introducing part so creating flotation, and gas discharging part are provided as over flow. The auxiliary bubble separating mechanism has a guiding portion, by air and water pressure generates bubble layers and floating with light particle and impurities’. Over flow fixed at top axis so by over mass volume of water and material light impurities collecting at over flow. According to the bubble separator of the present invention, in addition to minuscule bubbles it is also possible to separate large bubbles that could not be completely separated using the bubble separating mechanism.

3.Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator

In the Industries recent past the problem of removing the deleterious iron particles from a process stream had a few alternatives. Magnetic separation was typically limited and moderately effective. Magnetic separators that used permanent magnets could generate fields of low intensity only. These worked well in removing ferrous tramp but not fine paramagnetic particles. Thus high-intensity magnetic separators that were effective in collecting paramagnetic particles came into existence. These focus on the separation of very fine particles that are paramagnetic. By mechanism set the different type of magnets and pass the material from this layer and get the ferrous and non ferrous material.

There are so many type of magnetic separators According to the requirements of users, we can offer low, medium and high capacity types of magnetic separators. The advantages of this magnetic separator are: simple structure, large capacity, easy to operate and easy to maintain There are so many type and structures as per application we can use it.


  • Single, Double, and Triple Drum Magnetic Separator
  • High power magnetic roll separator
  • Magnetic Drawer
  • Magnetic chute
  • Plate Magnets (For the Conveyor)
  • Magnetic grill
  • Inline magnetic separator

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