Mixing Equipment

1.Muller Mixer

Muller Mixer

Muller Mixer is Having Machine pan and wall of height the whole pan is fitted on heavy duty channels stand. Roller is casted. Roller fitted in such a way that maximum bottom area is covered. Both rollers are overlapping each other. So that no material is left Un-ground. The rollers are running on ball bearing with sealing arrangement to prevent the powder going in to rollers are driven by oil filled specially design heavy duty 2 stage gear box and powdered by As per model electric motor complete with starter & control panel and There is available top conical type top cover. The main drive from motor to gearbox by V-Belt pulley.

VIRA Engineering is leading manufacturer of Muller Mixer. Muller Mixer is also knows as a Sand Muller, Sand Mixer, Edge Runner etc. Muller Mixer is used in Refractory, Foundry, Herbal Products, Pharmaceutical, Minerals (Mica powder Grinding), Lime Mortar Grinding, Fly Ash Mixing, Rice Ash Husk Mixing , Carbon Black Mixing, Snuff, Batteries, Welding rod flux, Abrasives , Soaps, Putty, Paints, and all metal and mineral.


  • Adaptive tooling
  • Energy efficiency
  • Larger batch and longer available cycle
  • Rugged design
  • Robustness

2.Pan Mixer

Pan Mixer

Pan mixer looks like a big pan. You will recognize it quickly and easily from all types of mixers. The concrete pan mixer machine will mix material when it rotates in a clockwise direction and will discharge material when it rotates in an anticlockwise direction. Paddle design and placement assures superior mixing, while eliminating dependence on gravity. We can also set the auto discharge system to collect the material and use for next process.

VIRA engineering Pan Mixer have the advantages of high automatic degree, high mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, small noise, easy operation, high discharging speed, convenient maintenance, etc. The pan mixer, a new type of mixer, is applicable to common expressway, power station, damming construction, road, bridge, big and medium prefabrication factory, Agriculture. Chemicals, Ash, ext.

Intensive Mixer

Intensive Mixture has same working principle of Pan Mixture. But here Pan also rotates in opposite direction of the scraper. It is giving more effective homogeneous mixing quality within minimum duration.


  • High mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption.
  • Small noise, easy operation, high discharging speed, convenient maintenance
  • It can combine with dosing machine to form a small and medium batching plant.
  • The machine adopting mobile discharging design,
  • Both the arms and blades detachable for easy maintenance.
  • Spring action to absorb shocks for arms type mixer.
  • Top cover to avoid dusting

3.Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender

Ribbon blender are widely used for homogeneous mixing of dry granules and powders. The blender comprises a "U" tank, shaft with two sets of spiral ribbons, one inside the other. Inner and outer ribbons are perfectly arranged, that during rotation, the material reaches each corner of the trough and imparts radial and linear motion to the whole of the material to be mixed. Our range of ribbon blender are based on a proven agitator construction that provides a triple mixing action ensuring fast, efficient blending. As the agitator rotates in ribbon blender, the material is tumbled and carried radically around the inside of the blender. The pitch of the outer ribbon moves the material towards the discharge opening. The inner ribbon which has an opposing pitch moves the material away from the discharge opening.

The VIRA Engineering’s ribbon blender is based on a proven agitator construction that provides a triple mixing action thus ensuring fast efficient blending. The dimensions and configuration of the ribbons in ribbon blender are carefully balanced to provide a movement of material within the container that avoids dead spots and gives rapid product discharge. The design of the Vira’s ribbon blender can incorporate features required for a customer's product or process such as: wear resistance, corrosive resistance, vacuum filling and discharge arrangements, special shaft seals, heating/cooling jackets. Ribbon blender are available in sizes 100-6000 liters in Stainless Steel and Mild Steel Construction. Bearing mounted on lanterns outside of mixing container to avoid contamination. Wide range of arability. Feeding through a hopper mounted on top of blender.


  • This machine is used for mixing powder or other such items in order to create a perfect blend of any kind.
  • The drum of the mixer rotates both reverse and forward direction.
  • Material inside the drum goes up and down as the drum moves.
  • The blades inside the drum are fitted in such a way that any type of powder blends into a proper form.
  • Mixing drum and blades are made out of good quality stainless steel to avoid any kind of chemical reaction.
  • Very easy cleaning process.
  • Sanitary design-heavy gauge, stainless steel constructions.
  • Bearing mounted on lanterns outside of mixing container to avoid contamination
  • Wide range of arability.
  • Feeding through a hopper mounted on top of blender.

4.Paddle Mixer

Paddle Mixer

Paddle mixer knows as U mixer also. VIRA Engineering‘s paddle mixers produce a very homogeneous mix of different ingredients used in feed industry. In this machine, mixing is performed by four curved blades clamped on main shaft which when revolve give continuous turbulent movement to the ingredients. Arrangement is given for direct addition of certain percentage of liquid, fats or molasses. Horizontal mixers are fitted with well designed oil immersed gear box with helical teeth heat treated gear which ensures prolonged trouble free service. Blades are specially designed to give rapid mixing and have better bending strengths and resistance to wear. Special paddle designs to help improve mixing and effect retention time. There are two type of mixer,

1) Single Shaft Paddle Mixer
2) Double Shaft Paddle Mixer

It useful for Mixing Bio waste, Tar, fertilizer, Starch, pharmaceuticals, Animal feeds, Agro chemicals, Chemicals, Minerals, minerals, paints, polymers, dust etc product.


  • Low operational speed
  • High Mixing efficiency
  • No separation over a long mixing duration.
  • Liquid addition possible
  • Short mixing time and high homogeneity.
  • Widely used for the pre-mix, feed industry and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Quick discharge with minimal residue, thanks to a full length discharge gate
  • Very less heat is generated.

5.Counter Current Mixer

Counter Current Mixer

Operation is based on counter current principle which has proved to give the best result in mixing. The mixing tools rotate in counter clockwise direction within the clockwise rotating pan. The speed has been carefully selected to give the best possible mixing.

Kneading Rollers are mounted on swiveling drag pins attached to mixing star housing along with mixing scrapers. The scrapers are so distributed as to cover every sq.inch of working area with minimum tool overhang which ensures through & homogeneous mix. All the moving parts of the machine are provided with anti-friction bearings with sealing arrangement. The lubrication points are easily accessible. Special care has been taken to make the machine leak-proof from dust. Motor is mounted on rail platform and structure.

The high energy rotor intensifies the movement of the material particles resulting in intensive blending of the material. Moreover the batch is rapidly & completely homogenized & de-nodulised. The mixing star comprising of four mixing blades placed at different levels force the batch in the vertical movements as well because of their specific pitch. As per VIRA Engineering’s special design fixed oneself rotate agitator which is self rotate by centrifugal force and work as a De- nodulizer.

VIRA Engineering’s can advent many inductees by high quality & sophisticated Mixer. Like refractory, magnesia carbon, alumina manganese, dolomite, castables, etc. the need for quick & more homogeneous mixing was strongly felt. VIRA Engineering Developed the High Efficiency Counter Current Mixer, comprising of a high energy rotor for intensive mixing. It has remarkable advantages over conventional mixer with regards to more homogeneous mix, reduced mixing time & less maintenance.


  • Quick ,Efficient & De-nodulize Mixing
  • Auto Mixing Cycle
  • Smooth Operation.
  • Heavy Duty Application
  • Effective Sealing & dust proof operation
  • Quick & Complete Discharge
  • Easy Maintenance
  • High Reliability

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