Drying Equipment

1.Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryer

VIRA Engineering’s rotary dryer is a type of industrial dryer employed to reduce or minimize the liquid moisture content of the material it is handling by bringing it into direct contact with a heated gas. Rotary dryer is suitable to dry metallic and nonmetallic mineral, clay in cement industrial, chemicals, foods, fertilizer and coal mine, etc.

The dryer is made up of a rotating cylindrical tube, usually supported by  steel structure. The dryer slopes slightly so that the discharge end is lower than the material feed end in order to convey the material through the dryer under gravity or by lifter/screw. When the wet material is in the process of moving forward in the rotary dryer cylinder body, the lifting plates inside the rotary dryer cylinder makes the material up and down to contact with the hot flue gas completely. The moisture inside the wet material is evaporated into water vapors, and finally we get the dried materials. This gas stream is move co-current flow,

VIRA engineering’s giving the heat energy By Auto combustion burner. We have all auto controller for the firing system so we can operate it easily and safely like Fuel flow, ignition, temperature controlling, Flame air controlling, emergency and Auto ON/OFF ext. we can use any type of fuel or gas for direct or indirect firing.


  • High mechanization, strong production capability and continuous operation,
  • Simple structure, convenient operation,
  • Low malfunction, low maintenance cost.
  • 1. Wide application range and good drying effect

2.Paddle Dryer

Paddle Dryer

Paddle dryer is a low speed agitating type of equipment with special fan-shaped paddles which provide continuous indirect heating. It is suitable for drying/cooling pastes, cakes, powders, and granules materials. This machine greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency through local stirring, mixing and self cleaning, and guarantees stable quality of the dried material. Additionally, this machine also has the advantages of low off-gas emission and complete removal of the exhaust gas. It is a kind of chemical equipment with high efficiency, low energy consumption and compact structure. Maintenance of the equipment is easy. Paddle Dryer are used for a wide range of application e.g. Agricultural, chemicals, petrochemical, detergents, food products, herbs, s, minerals, metal, pharmaceuticals, Polymers, etc.

As per the VIRA Engineering’s design, in the jacket shell body there are two or one parallel shafts which have interleaved paddles. Each shaft has several fan-shaped paddles which interleave with certain spacing. There are two kinds of paddles: feed shear plane and return shear plane, the shaft rotates at low speed. A heating medium enters the hollow rotary shafts and paddles through a universal revolving joint. After heat transfer and drying, it is discharged through the revolving joint. The material is continuously fed into the equipment; next it is agitated and mixed near the paddles. At the same time, the material is gradually dried by the heat conduction of paddle and jacket. The height of overflow weir can be changed to adjust residence time. In addition, steam produced in the drying process is discharged through the escape hole with trace amount of air. We can use all type of energy media flow in jacket like Electric, steam, hot water, hot oil, cooling water, all kinds of cooling media.


  • It adopts conduction type of heat transfer, the heat transfer efficiency is high.
  • The self-cleaning function of the heat transfer surface is good.
  • The product quality is stable.
  • The material loss is small, the product recovery rate is high.
  • The material adaptability is broad, the product is dried evenly.
  • It can combine drying and cooling together.
  • The equipment with compact structure occupies small area.
  • The design is unique, and maintenance of the equipment is easy.

3.Belt Dryer

Belt Dryer

Belt dryer is a continuous convective belt dryer. A well-ventilated layer of product is put on a wire mesh or perforated plate belt conveyor and conveyed continuously through drying chambers. In these chambers, circulating air fans blow hot air through the product vertically. In this process, the circulating air is reheated after each product flow by the heat exchangers integrated into the dryer. The amount of air required to discharge the exhaust vapor from the belt dryer is sucked in by a radial fan and fed to the appropriate zones of the belt dryer. Due to the arrangement of the air inlet and outlet ducts to and from the appropriate zones, the drying air is passed repeatedly through the product layer until it has the optimum vapor content before leaving the dryer.

VIRA Engineering’s Belt drying or conveyor drying systems are used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in food and stimulants, and for dyes and pigments. The belt dryer is suitable for drying free-flowing, crumbly, crystalline, and lumpy products, as well as malleable pastes.


  • Easy maintenance and easy- clean options with simple and efficient access to all internal components
  • Easy operation with a fully automatic control system
  • High thermal efficiency due to the integrated air circulation fans, thereby optimizing the exhaust air volume and heat recovery from the dryer exhaust
  • Good adaptation of the temperature profile to the drying behavior of different product qualities

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